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Telephone cable

Application Range
  • This installation cable is used to transmit signals
  • For fixed installation on and under plaster, in dry and damp rooms
  • For outdoor use, this cable should be installed under plaster only
  • Can be used in dry and wet interiors for fixed
  • Installation on and under plaster
  • This halogen free, flame-retardant installation cable with static screen is used for telephone, data and signal

    transmission in subscriber stations and private branch exchange construction for telephone systems on dry

    and wet premises, as well as on and under plaster
Product Feature
  • Flame retardant according to IEC approval
  • Printed text may differ from illustration
  • Halogen free and flame-retardant installation cable in accordance with VDE 0815
  • The cable is marked with the phrase “Fire alarm cable” at regular intervals on the sheath. It is therefore used

    especially for installation in fire alarm systems
  • TP structure minimizes crosstalk
  • Does not emit any toxic or corrosive gases in the event of fire and resists the spread of fire
  • An aluminium laminated plastic foil static screen with tin-plated drain wire minimizes the interference of high frequency

    electromagnetic field

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