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Special application

  • For use in and on mobile equipment
  • The 1000V version with thick insulation wall is ideal for many measuring instruments, such as multimeter
  • For measuring assemblies in technical training, education and electric laboratory
  • Provides protection during repairs
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Wiring electrical equipment in all trailers and semi-trailers
  • Suitable for the connection of fixed and moving objects such as lamps, heating, electrical equipment,

    wiring of vehicles, terminal boxes and power supplies
  • Suitable for cabling of switchboards, converters, panel unit and rheoststic braking blocks
  • For cabling of solar modular among themselves and as extension cables between the individual module

    strings or DC/AC inverters
Product Feature
  • Flame retardant
  • UV resistant
  • Resistant to cold
  • Resistant to most oils, weather and chemicals
  • Microbe and hydrolysis resistant
  • Very strong connection and offering easy separation of the cable by hand
  • Excellent weather, Temperature and UV resistance
  • Good notch and abrasion resistance
  • Halogen free and flame retardant
  • Good heat pressure resistance
  • Especially soft, cold-flexible PVC insulation
  • Polarity identification is possible without stripping the sheath or external marking
  • High flexibility and slim diameter enable small bending radii at fixed installation
  • Easy to strip and dismantle
  • Resistance to mechanical influences in harsh environmental conditions
  • Expended temperature range
  • Exact quantity control during installation by meter marking on the cable sheath

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