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Power chain application

  • Connecting the cable between servo controller and motor
  • In power chains or moving machine parts
  • Plant engineering
  • Assembly line, production line, in all kinds of machines
  • Especially in wet areas of machine tools and transfer lines subject to average mechanical stress
  • Outdoor use only within the temperature range
  • For machine internal wiring of power circuits
  • Power circuits for electrical equipment in automation engineering
  • Connecting the cable between frequency converter and motor
  • Highly flexible encoder and resolver cables, especially for power chains
  • Use in measuring, controlling and regulating circuits
Product Feature
  • Designed for up to 5 million bending change cycles in the power chain
  • Oil resistant
  • Abrasion and cut resistant
  • Flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2
  • In dry, wet and damp interiors
  • Low adhesive surface
  • Well proven, reliable
  • Halogen free
  • Can also use mobile outdoor
  • Suitable for the most important servomotor dive systems of a leading manufacturer
  • Thin, weight and volume-optimized
  • Total screening prevents/ reduces interference from neighboring cables
  • Multi-standard= Less part varieties= Cost savings
  • Protection against water and dirt

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