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Conveyor technology

  • For use in hoists, transport and conveyor systems
  • Wherever cables are reeled, unreeled or also guided by roller trains
  • In dry and damp rooms, outdoor as well as in industrial water
  • For connecting movable control panels
  • Lift cable, which ensures electrical integrity in various applications of elevator construction
  • Sewage plants, steelwork and high rack facilities
Product Feature
  • Good chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance
  • Cold flexible
  • Tensile strength of supporting elements
  • The movability of the cores may not be affected by the clamp
  • Good weather resistance
  • It can be used as hawser, drums, drag cables and power chain
  • Integrated supporting braids prevent undesirable cable twists as well as the formation of so-called corkscrew effects
  • Wherever reeling, unreeling and guiding operations also impose tensile stresses on cable
  • Cost efficiency due to the use of smaller drums, guide rollers and drive engines is possible
  • Very flexible due to the extra fine wired conductor design
  • Weatherproof for harsh environmental conditions
  • High suspension length due to the steel wire supporting element
  • Flat cables need less space than round cables

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