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Communication technology

  • For optical signal transmission in industrial applications
  • Very suitable for fixed installation in control cabinets, cable ducts or pipes with low mechanical stress
  • Light mechanical stress
  • Identification by white dots
  • Can be used in industrial environments for data transmission in field bus systems
  • For indoor & outdoor use
  • WAN applications
  • Halogen free
  • Lightweight design
  • High flexibility
  • Flame retardant and halogen free
  • Adhesion free
  • Direct connector assembly
  • EMC protection
  • No crosstalk & Easy to handle
  • High mechanical stability
  • UV & water resistant
  • Zero electromagnetic interference as the cable contains no metal
  • Suitable for direct burial
  • Easy to install due to the compact design,high flexibility, robust sheath and small bending radii
  • Universal cable for cabling buildings

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